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Done-For-You Monthly Newsletters

I've been saying it all year...


The key to closing 10x the clients you're closing now is to follow-up with your leads...and follow-up often.

It makes no difference how many consultations you do, how many webinars you do, or how many "NO's" and no shows you get... if you don't follow up with the leads that you get, you could be leaving money on the table.


THESE PEOPLE GAVE YOU THEIR INFO because they were interested...even if you don't close them immediately, it doesn't mean they will never work with you. You must follow-up and do it consistently.

I get it...following up with leads isn't always easy because it is a ton of work.



But today, I'm getting rid of the "ton of work" excuse for you. And we're doing that with the "2020 Done-for-You Newsletters" package..


Who is the "2020 DFY Newsletters" Package For?

If you're someone who is actively putting in the work to run your fitness business and get new clients, but you feel like following up and nurturing the past relationships you have made is tough, this is for you.

This is something that will help you create a tribe of people who love your brand and trust you enough to be comfortable to buy from you when you do decide to run promotions...and that is because it get's your business' name and services in front of your leads every single month.



What Is Included in the "2020 DFY Newsletter" Package?

Every month we will email your newsletter content to send directly to your full contact list every month. These newsletters are value-based to provide your leads with fitness tips and motivation that will help them feel like you are a source of support for them.

All you have to do is add your contact info and plug it into your email automation software so it will send to your list all at once.

Check Out These Sample Newsletters From Other Industries That We Work With...

Save Time & Provide Value To Your Email List To Drive Retention & Ongoing Sales!

Choose The Option That Is Best For You And Cancel At Any Time! 10% Off If You Pay For The Full Year Up Front.



Includes only the written content for you to set up and send to your contacts yourself.


(Valued at $95/mo)



Includes written content, newsletter design, and automated distribution set up.


(Valued at $295/mo)