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For a business...brand confusion, cluttered content, and boring design is like Kryptonite to Superman.  Who has time for that?

With every company there is a voice, a personality, and a purpose.  We help businesses and non-profits cut through the clutter of modern day marketing to strategize, design, and position their brands to stand out and maximize REACH.

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After serving in the U.S. Army, Teisha Maria began her career helping executive leaders and small businesses develop their online presence and overall brand.  She is uniquely gifted at understanding the psychology of consumers and translating that knowledge in all aspects of brand development.  Furthermore, she has become a driving force in helping entrepreneurs with a personal brand 'come out from hiding, and show up' online through coaching and accountability.

Along with her experience in brand strategy and design, Teisha has trained entrepreneurs and students.  She has also led workshops for young girls to increase their confidence and promote a life of self-awareness and courage.

Teisha is a proud mom of three, who actively serves in her church and enjoys working with clients who are passionate about building purpose inspired movements.